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Hey, I’m Jonathan...

Hey, I’m Jonathan...

...a Berlin based Social Entrepreneur, Dad, Urbanist, European and unwavering Optimist 🎉

🛠️  What am I working on in 2022?

I’m finishing my work on a big project...
Together with a team inside a large German welfare organisation, we’ve spent the past 2 years developing Kura21: a service offering built for the 21st century to support people in situations when they or their relatives can’t claim their own (legal) rights. The service will pilot in early 2023 in various German states, together with the launch of a digital support platform.
And I’m starting a new entrepreneurial adventure...
Throughout the last years, I have spent many thoughts and conversations on…
  • the increasing housing crisis that directly affiliated with the financial speculation around land
  • the merits of a united Europe, something that I have taken for granted for too long
  • the longing for a life that’s more embedded in community - and the necessity to align it with our planetary boundaries
In 2022, it’s time for me to weave these conversations and topics together. So I’m setting out to explore how we (yes, it will need a lot of us 👋🏼) can build a European Housing Cooperative.
The goal is to create...
  • a way of living that caters to our mobile society - yet contributes to climate neutrality.
  • a model that fosters ownership & stability - and promotes community & sharing.
  • a financial framework that cuts out the profit oriented investor - but benefits the participating businesses.
  • a societal project that contributes to a united Europe - and to united neighbourhoods.
In September 2022, this journey will begin. Stay tuned :)

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